Saturday, January 29, 2011

blessing number twenty two and twenty three: Having a car that runs and an honest mechanic to fix it

It is nice to know that I am not getting screwed when I take my car in.  our mechanic never makes us do more then needed.   he will tell us if something can wait to be fixed if it is expensive and tells us if there is a way to get it cheaper.  I am greatful that I can feel so comfortable with his advice.
So yesterday I had to take my car in to get looked at.  It has been making a loud noise and I was getting worried.  It turns out the barrings were bad and needed replaced.  It cost me $285 but it is such a relief to have it taken care of.  It is so easy to take a nice car for granted!
Now I don’t have a very cool car, it definitely would not be my first choice…but I got a great deal on it and it runs really well.  It is such a blessing to not have to make car payments every month, not have to worry about it breaking down, and know that ill be able to get where I need to go.  Take the bus for a day and you will realize how blessed you are to have a car too!

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