Sunday, January 16, 2011

blessing number fifteen: brothers

some people think my parents were crazy for having so many kids, and those people might be a little bit got crazy, gatherings were always hectic and bedrooms were always full but man did we have fun!  growing up there was always someone to play with, someone to get in trouble with, someone to make you food, someone to cheer you up.
life with nine people in one house (or apartment) was never easy but i loved it!
i have five great brothers through marriage-my brothers are hard working men!
kipp is living a great life-having fun in his program, going to dances and enjoying every minute
kory is an amazing father, a patient employee with an awful employer and a great provider for his family
kai is working hard at school and gunna do big things, he is another patient employee with a not so great employer lol
opie is a passionate student and religious kid with big dreams that he is gunna make come true
and matt is a great husband and father, working hard to take care of his family

i love these great men and look forward to seeing all that they accomplish in the future!

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