Monday, January 10, 2011

blessing number ten: great co-workers

me and Liria roasting marshmellows in her back yard

me arielle and liria biking over the carquinez bridge

i have been blessed with some really great co-workers...dont get me wrong there are a few i totally cannot stand but there are also a few i absolutely love!  i dont know what i would do without these few, they are what keep me coming to my stinking job...some of these coworkers have moved on to other stores, gone away to college, or quit to have babies and i miss them dearly so right now im down to one :(
she makes my laugh when customers make me want to cry, she helps me when i am overwhelmed, she has my back when managers or other coworkers try to hassle me and she is my partner in crime :)

i honestly dont know how i would get through the day without her!

these coworkers have become some of my best friends and i know i will have them in my life for years to come

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