Friday, January 14, 2011

blessing number fourteen: sisters

me, sita and eli after his birth

presh, sita and eli after his birth

me and sita at her first baby shower

me, my mom and sita after dancing at the luau
derek me and presh at grandmas birthday in utah

sita holding presh after she was born
ok i got a little carried away with the pictures and cant seem to organize them so sorry they are arranged so weird....but anyway...

when deciding what blessing i have everyday for this blog i find myself always wanting to write about a person or people, my family and friends are very influential in my life and when your surrounded by so many great people its hard not to feel blessed.  i have been trying to squeeze in other things besides the people in my life but today i gave up trying and am going ahead with my sisters.  i have two great sisters! 

one is a very hard working mother of two who spends day and night taking care of others, lets me live with her, and is always taking care of her church and life responsibilities

the other is a hard working student who has a passion for animals and is saving the wildlife one stray cat at a

i love em both and feels sorry for anyone who did not get lucky enough to grow up with atleast one great sister :)

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