Wednesday, January 5, 2011

blessing number four: cousins

now this is one area where i am far more blessed than most… in total i have 39 cousins (and thats not counting their spouses!!)

but whether you have one or a hundred they are always great.  this is not to say that you will get along with them all or see them often-but they still provide this unspoken support-that you know even if you only see them on christmas, or some even less than that due to distance-it will feel as though you saw them last week.  its not awkward and uncomfortable—its family.
with such a large group we have such diversity in lives and careers-its so fun to watch everyone grow up and take different paths…as of right now i have a cousin in the peace corp in guatemala, a cousin in china doing voice over work, one is a scientist making fuel out of algae, there are a couple baseball players, some singers and musicians, ones in the navy, a future lawyer, lots of students, 6 parents and a bunch of hard workers! 

we always have fun when were together and i cant wait to see what the future has in store for everyone!

i love you: robin, jared, tyson, bryce, travis, holly, kyle, shari, andy, celeste, natalia, tatiana, ray, erin, doug, emily, tony, anna, tisha, mimi, regina, janet, lucas, scott, ricky, adam, sarah, geri, steven, kris, daniel, sam, jacob, samantha ,marissa, alex, trey, wilson and janalie!
{dont worry aunts n uncles…there is a special blog coming soon for you :)}

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