Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blessing number twenty-six: Car heaters

I recently took a ride in my moms car which the heater no longer works in and man it was freezing.  I didn’t realize how much I take my heater for granted until I sat in her car.  I feel so bad that she has to drive really early in the morning and real late at night in that ice box of hers.  Its too bad that it takes other peoples misfortune to recognize my own blessings…

blessing number twenty-five: massages

I do not get them as much as I would like but I sure do love massages.  Recently Derek treated me to a massage and it was just what I needed (although it was probably the weirdest one I have had lol-she got a little too close to my bum).  It is always nice to be pampered like that, its great to be able to have one hour of relaxation to clam me down from my stressful life.  I am so blessed to be able to get massages at all…and I have one gift card for a massage that I got for Christmas from an amazing friend- im saving it for when I really need it!

blessing number twenty-four: Toa!

Most of my closest friends are somehow related to me-my siblings, cousins, parents and aunts.  But there is one friend im not related to who has been by my side for years.  Although she usually lives far away we always find a way to keep in touch.  I know she will always be there when I need to talk, willing to help with anything, and supportive of decisions I make.  She always seems to find time for me during her short visits home and it is always tough when she has to leave.
Toa is an amazing mom, a supportive wife, a very hard working student (22 units this semester!!), giving of her time, non-judgemental, and an amazing friend.  I love her and miss her all the time but I know she is just a phone call away….i am so blessed to have her in my life

blessing number twenty two and twenty three: Having a car that runs and an honest mechanic to fix it

It is nice to know that I am not getting screwed when I take my car in.  our mechanic never makes us do more then needed.   he will tell us if something can wait to be fixed if it is expensive and tells us if there is a way to get it cheaper.  I am greatful that I can feel so comfortable with his advice.
So yesterday I had to take my car in to get looked at.  It has been making a loud noise and I was getting worried.  It turns out the barrings were bad and needed replaced.  It cost me $285 but it is such a relief to have it taken care of.  It is so easy to take a nice car for granted!
Now I don’t have a very cool car, it definitely would not be my first choice…but I got a great deal on it and it runs really well.  It is such a blessing to not have to make car payments every month, not have to worry about it breaking down, and know that ill be able to get where I need to go.  Take the bus for a day and you will realize how blessed you are to have a car too!

Friday, January 21, 2011

blessing number twenty-one: sophia

In honor of today being Sophia’s first birthday today’s blessing is this beautiful little niece. Everyone is always saying how beautiful and amazing she is so there isn’t much i can say that has not already been said but she really is as fantastic as everyone says. She always brightens my day with her beautiful smile. She is so fun and I can’t wait to see the smart little girl she grows into!

i love this little girl!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

blessing number twenty: amazing aunts

having the opportunity to have lunch and a nice chat with my aunt today made me realize its time to recognize how blessed i am to have so many incredible aunts!  my aunts are so loving, they give of themselves, their time and work hard to take care of their families.  they spend entire holidays cooking for us (aunty karen and tina), they help with homework (aunty leslie), they spend days at their kids baseball/softball games (aunty shari and aunty carol), they offer their homes to family (aunty regina and aunty joey), they do all they can to take care of their kids (aunty janet and aunty lenny) and they love their families unconditionally.

i am so blessed to have such great women and role models in my life!

blessing number eighteen and nineteen: a good book and time to read them

a good book is not always easy to find so i am very appreciative when i do find one!  right now i am readying chelsea handlers new book chelsea chelsea bang bang, it is her third and possibly funniest books!  yesterday was slow at work so i was reading it and hekka co-worker came over telling me i looked crazy standing there alone laughing but i didnt care, i tried to explain what was happening in the book and ended up laughing so hard i was crying!

it is great when a book can bring out such emotion like this! i am also in the middle of reading the immortal life of Henrietta Lacks, another great book but for different reasons.  this one is the moving story of a womans cells being taken and used in dozen of scientific discoveries without her family even knowing what a difference they were making. 

a great book can brighten a are a few of my favorites...

tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom
a million little pieces by james frey
700 sundays by billy crystal
the five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom
have a little faith by mitch albom
of mice and men by john steinbeck
the immortal life of henrietta lacks by rebecca skloot
all of chelsea handlers books (my horizontal life, are you there vodka its me chelsea, chelsea chelsea bang bang)