Sunday, January 2, 2011

blessing number two: American Sign Language

so i was reminded that since i started this a day late im behind on my posts-so ill post two today...and right now im thankful for american sign language and the Deaf community!
i looove sign language.  i will be graduating in may with my bachelors in Deaf studies and im so excited! I stumbled upon this major by accident, my original major was nursing, but after one asl class i knew i was heading down the wrong path-so i changed it.  i cant wait to become an interpreter and am so happy to have found a career i have a passion for.  i included a link to ally asl signing "back to december" i love watching her videos of songs in asl, one day ill post one of my own...
although there is still room for improvement i love signing and interacting with Deaf people.  on weekends i work with a Deaf teenager and have some close Deaf friends-i feel like they are much more appreciative of things than hearing people are.  Deaf people understand the concept of little blessings

this blessing actually includes many blessings-
1. american sign language
2. the Deaf community
3. an accidental path being found
4. a passion
5. great Deaf friends i have meet

i <3 asl

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  1. Love it.. It us the perfect career path for you.. In my opinion.. :)