Sunday, January 9, 2011

blessing number nine: grandmas

grandma lee lee at her birthday party last year with her great grandkids

grandma mary at her 79th birthday with her great grandkids

today we celebrated my grandma marys 79th birthday and i made me realize how blessed i am to have two healthy grandmas.  these are amazing women-they have had hard lives and gone through countless struggles between the two of them but have definetly come out on top. 

my grandma mary has spent most of her life raising eight kids on her own, babysitting her grandchildren, doing anything her family needed and making amazing toast in the process :)

my grandma lee lee raised six amazing kids, did all she could to help her family and moved back and fourth between utah and california trying to keep an eye on all her grandkids...

they are strong, independent, hardworking, caring, nurturing, selfless, faithful women-
they have both been amazing influences on me and all my cousins and i love them both very much!


  1. very important thing that we all blessed with is amazing women in our family. I see the strength in the women who have gone before me, the ones I have walked side by side with, and the ones who are becoming the next generation of strong, faithfilled, smart,loving, and beautiful women. Your grandmas are truly blessing and one of the best results, is YOU~